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The first stripe on my white belt



The first stripe on my white belt

Longevity runs in my family; my grandparents on both sides died of natural causes at around 90 years old. I prefer an early demise before all the problems due to senility catch up with me, but we can’t decide our lifespans.


After 10+ years of intensive work and study, I felt like I had mortgaged my future health for short-term goals. My body endured lack of sleep, nutritious food and regular exercise for over a decade, but these bad habits began to take a toll on me. I’ve been suffering from chronic left neck pain, persistent headache, and stiff shoulders. I need to be up and at ‘em until 90, but if my condition keeps deteriorating at this rate, I will be bedridden at the age of 70.


That was why I decided to join a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club in October. What on earth was I thinking? I’ve never experienced Martial Arts before. Worse still, I haven’t exercised at all for many years. Maybe yoga or walking would be suitable for a sedentary old lady like me, but I needed an extreme measure to abolish these bad habits.


When I first set foot on a BJJ dojo, I was overwhelmed by formidable guys; their masculinity, sweatiness and facial hair were more than enough to scare me off. But I soon realized that these people were kind at heart. I am awful at any kind of physical activity, but they were patient, and they readily took care of me. I can’t thank them enough for putting up with me, encouraging me, and executing an arm bar on me.


I had just begun my training about two months before and I hadn’t expected anything in the short term, but I received the first stripe on my white belt last week. It was totally unexpected. I thought I would get my first stripe at the age of 82 on the grounds of compassion or something before I die, but it just happened! I need three more stripes on my white belt before I am promoted to a blue belt, but this is a big first step. Getting a blue belt usually requires training for 3-4 hours a week for 3 years, but I have plenty of time. When I started training, I intended to continue for more than 30 years….


There is one more unexpected effect I would particularly like to mention; the chronic left neck pain I had suffered for more than 20 years disappeared! The neck and head pain were so tenacious and nasty that I assumed I needed a total head transplantation to cure this suffering. This astonishing outcome could be due to a chiropractic effect; BJJ movements require tremendous flexibility. As a BJJ novice, my body is stiff. My practice partners had to enforce some of the challenging postures on me. When my practice buddy executed some techniques, my muscles and joints extended beyond my comfortable range of motion. I groaned, whimpered, and moaned every time someone practiced on me, but this definitely had a therapeutic effect on the constricted muscles and joints. Now, I feel as if I am 20 years younger.


I rejoice in a world without pain. I joined BJJ in hopes that I could take care of myself in my old age, but now I aspire to more; I’ll be a kick-ass old woman at 90.






Putting on A Mask Again

Wearing a mask is part of Japanese culture. Everyone wears a mask casually; it prevents spreading and inhaling nasty viruses, it adds humidity when breathing in dry winter air, and it conceals half of the wearer’s face when they don’t have time to put on makeup. For these reasons, I love masks.


I had to give up this habit when I came to the U.S. No one wears a mask unless s/he is participating in medical procedures. If I put on a mask in public without wearing a white coat, people might think that I bring pestilence to the earth.


My two years of mask-free life was over when a new colleague came to our office. His desk is assigned next to me. Since I am at the end of my project, and he has just begun his, we both have quite a lot of paperwork. The problem is, he smells offensive. To describe the smell is challenging; rotten ham doesn’t fully define the complex odor he gives off. It is a combination of unwashed body and clothes, and a finishing touch of stale, oxidized oil he somehow succeeds in wearing as a natural perfume.


He is not a chatty guy; when I talk to him, the only word he utters is, “I know.” I don’t know what he knows and how he knows, or what else he knows, but it seems impossible to reach him further. “You could smell better”, is the least offensive remark I could come up with, but if I say this, I am a bitch. Besides, I guess that his reply would be, “I know”.


If I would be scorned by pointing out the truth, what about his offence to my nostrils? Shouldn’t it be punished? Maybe not. Life is not fair. That’s why I resumed wearing a mask. I’m Japanese; I don’t need reasons to wear a mask. I don’t think I antagonize our relationship as colleagues. My reason for doing this is not insulting the malodorous colleague; I simply miss the Japanese mask-wearing culture. I’m afraid he is not capable of sniffing out perjury.



ライティングトピック:642 Things To Write About


642 Things to Write About








  1. You are a pirate. Describe your perfect day.
  2. Fix the plot of the worst movie you’ve ever seen.
  3. Write a love letter to a person you dislike.
  4. Pen an ode to an onion.











642 Things To Write About


I bought a book full of writing ideas: 642 Things To Write About. This book was published by the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto.


There are hundreds of interesting things to write about. I’ll pick out some examples:

  1. You are a pirate. Describe your perfect day.
  2. Fix the plot of the worst movie you’ve ever seen.
  3. Write a love letter to a person you dislike.
  4. Pen an ode to an onion.


It would be interesting to pick out one of these randomly. I hope this book helps to get my creative juices flowing!















Aちゃんの読書感想文を読んで、数年前に読んだTime for Kidsの読書感想文の書き方を思い出しました。(当時の感想記事

Time for Kidsに書かれていた内容がほぼ全て網羅されています。小学校低学年の時から、きちんと基本に沿って書き方を学ぶ事に感心しました。


もう一つ驚いたのが、小学校1年生でも既にちゃんとした文章が書けているということ。”eliminate” という難しめな単語も使われていますし、”would”の使い方もバッチリです。親がどこまで手伝ったのかは分かりませんが、両親共に大学院時代に中国から渡米してきた移民の方たちです。在米20年近くとはいえ、母国語ではない言語で子供の作文を手伝うのは大変なのではないかと思います。私の前のルームメイトは、在米二十数年ということでしたが、ルームメイト募集広告の文章で、シューズを”shoose” と書いたり、短い文章の中に間違いが満載でした…。







ごくたまに英語でフォーマルなビジネスレターを書く必要があるのですが、その度に書き出し(salutation)とシメの言葉 (closing)をどうすればいいか迷ってしまいます。ここ何年か調べては書いた後にサックリ忘れてしまうということを繰り返していたので、毎回迷うポイントと、その答えを備忘録として書いておくことにしました。


Yours sincerelyか、Sincerely Yoursか

正しくはYours sincerely。アメリカでは、Sincerely, または Sincerely yours と書く人もいる。


Yours sincerelyか、Yours faithfully か

手紙を書く相手の名前が分かっている場合。例えば、Dear John: と書き始めた場合には、最後の言葉はYours sincerely.

手紙を書く相手の名前が分かっておらず、Dear Sir/Madam: と書き始めた場合には、Yours faithfully.

ただし、相手の名前を知っていても、個人的に話した事がない場合は、Yours faithfullyを使う事もある。


Yours truly と書くのは?

アメリカではYours faithfullyのかわりにYours trulyが用いられる事がある。また、書き手が個人ではなく会社や組織だった場合にもYours trulyが用いられる。

例えば、会社名義で書く手紙で、Dear Mr.Brown: と書き始めた場合。Closingは、Yours truly, 会社名。



Regards, Kind regards, Best regards, などを用いてもよい。



A Dictionary of Modern English Usageを編纂したH. W. Fowlerという方が1920年代に以下のように定義したもの。

Yours faithfully (to unknown person on business)
Yours truly (to slight acquaintance)
Yours very truly (ceremonious but cordial)
Yours sincerely (in invitations and friendly but not intimate letters)






His Imperial Majesty (Name of Emperor), Emperor of (Country)
書き出し:  Sir:   or   May it please Your Majesty:
シメの言葉:  I have the honor to remain Your Imperial Majesty’s obedient servant,



呼び方:  The President
書き出し:  Dear Mr./Madam President:
シメ:  Respectfully,





職場のアメリカ人に聞いても、あまり厳格な使い分けをする人はいません。これはアメリカだからなのか、若い人が多いからなのかは分かりません。ただ、E-mailの最後に、”Yours sincerely”などと書くと、「おばあちゃんから手紙が来たみたい」と言われます。




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