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Star Trek

 Here comes news that shook my world! My beloved British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, was cast in “Star Trek 2” as a villain!

  Of course he would be a villain, especially in an American movie. He has high cheekbones, has a British accent, and most of all, American people like to see British actor as wicked! 

  The problem is that I haven’t watched any of the grand epics that inspired so many people for more than 40 years. I couldn’t imagine how much effort I would have to put in until 2013 before the movie is released. More tentative than resolute, I looked it up in Wikipedia, and found the staggering fact that I have 701 drama episodes and 11 movies to go! 

  Recently, I’ve realized that I am a full time English learner, reader, and avid drama watcher, rather than a researcher in my free time. Now that I have a pressing deadline, I can waste no time. I’d better wrap up whatever I have been doing, and rush into the starship Enterprise to start a new mission: to explore strange new worlds! 


 好きな俳優さんが来年公開の映画、Star Trekに出演予定とのことで、Star Trekシリーズの予習をすることにしました。Wikiでシリーズを調べたら全部で700話くらい。(*_*) 仕事なんかしてる場合じゃないかも…。










寝たままでiPadが使える、エジソンの”ほんとe スタンド/W、クランプ式”です。ネーミングは残念な感じなのですが、ベッドに取り付けることで、iPadを手で持つことなく使えるという優れもの。








Merlin Series 4

The time finally came! When I finished watching Merlin series 3 in June, I couldn’t bear to think I had to wait until series 4 that would be aired this autumn. It felt like a thousand years . Nothing could have delighted me more than the latest episode last Sunday. To tell you the truth, I was not supposed to watch it from Japan. The BBC iPlayer doesn’t allow overseas residents to access its contents.

I’m willing to pay for the BBC, but it doesn’t let me. Global iPlayer is available in European countries, but not for Asia. I downloaded the Global iPlayer when I stayed in France, paid 50 Euros for the annual fee, hoarded as many programs as I could while in France, but these contents vanished as soon as I accessed it in Japan.

Well, fair enough. I have a plan B. The setting was relatively easy, and I could watch the drama from Japan! Unfortunately, I can’t say how to do it in my blog!

My 6 years of diligent English study finally bore fruit, because I had to collect these information in English. I believe that the fandom can be the strongest incentive to master English, and I should not be ashamed by the geekishness I never thought I had.


 読みたい本、観たいドラマがあるが日本語では手に入らない・・・。なら英語を勉強するしかない!!! ということで、これからも頑張ります。


今はまっているドラマその1.BBCのドラマ Sherlock



舞台は現代。お決まりの帽子にパイプもなし。ワトソン医師が日記に記していた事件簿はなんとブログという形に。シャーロックもScience of Deductionという自身のホームページを持ち、スマートフォンを駆使して事件を解決します。確かにコナン・ドイル原作のシャーロック・ホームズが元になっているのですが、原作の持つイメージを保ちつつ、全く新しいタイプのシャーロック・ホームズ像が出来上がっています。





There was a time when I buried my nose in a book. The series I was really into was “Sherlock Holmes”, which was translated for Japanese children. I usually borrowed books from a library, but I asked my parents to buy the series because I was obsessed with the stories, and wanted to own the books. Come to think of it, Sherlock Holmes helped to build my lifetime reading habit in my youth.

When I found the BBC drama “Sherlock”, I was fascinated but afraid of breaking my good old image of the story, although the idea of Sherlock Holmes living in a modern era, owning a website and cracking the case using a mobile phone was too irresistible to ignore. What is more, Doctor Watson writing a blog to introduce cases instead of a dossier, was striking enough to convince me to watch the series.

The program went beyond my expectations. The new Sherlock Holmes was younger, taller and better looking than I had imagined and far more attractive than I had anticipated. Even his impertinence makes him enchanting. What makes the drama interesting was their relationships. I had imagined Dr. Watson was a kind of assistant or an observer, but they are more like good partners in the drama. Besides, in these modern times, two single men in their 30s , living as flatmates, sometimes arouses nosy suspicion . It was funny when the landlady asked Dr. Watson if they needed two bedrooms with a knowing attitude or when he was misunderstood as Sherlock’s date at a restaurant. I had never thought about it when I read the original in my childhood.

I was quite satisfied with the new series and can’t wait to watch series two this autumn. Luckily, more than 20 years have passed since I read the series, and I have forgotten the detailed storyline so I can enjoy the stories as a new work. I’m tempted to read the original again, but it might be better to wait until after season2.


あまりに好きすぎて力いっぱい感想を書いてLingQの添削に出したところ、A Japanese perspective on English classical literature and its adaption to the small screen.’というタイトルをつけて頂きました。チューターのコメントはこちら。

”You write really well and you’ve used a lot more conjunctions and extended sentences in this article. Not one error in the first paragraph! Be careful with the use of articles, which you do tend to omit. It’s a great little article, Yuko, which made me want to watch the series. You should think about submitting it to ‘Viewshound’ titled ‘A japanese perspective on English classical literature and its adaption to the small screen.’”



Merlin Season1









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