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On March 3, we have Doll Festival in Japan. It is called “Hinamatsuri” . We display dolls on a tiered stand in our house. This event is held for girls because it is believed that these dolls protect girls from bad luck. The Japanese Doll Festival began duringthe Heian period, about 1000 years ago. I don’t know the origin well, but it is said that ancient people believed that these dolls protect girls from bad spiritsso they put these dolls on a boat and released it to the river to chase away bad spirits with them once a year. 

The top tier holds two dolls. One is Emperor, the other is Empress. On the second pier, there are 3 lady’s ladies’ maids. On the third tier, there are 5 musicians. On the fourth tier, there are 2 ministers. And on the lower tier, there are some furniture and tools. All the dolls wear Heian costumes

These dolls are displayed only for a week. It is said that if we display these dolls after March 3, the daughter of the family becomes an old maid. It is merely a superstition, but many people put them into the closet soon after the festival is over. 

When I was born, my grandparents on my mother’s side bought me these dolls. But my mother was a working mother and she was not a domestic sort of woman. She had stopped displaying it them when I became by the time I was 3 years old. My dolls had been kept in storage for a long time. Last year, my mother recalled the dolls, and displayed them for the first time in a long while. She said that these dolls cursed me because they had been neglected for such a long time, and she thought that’s why I had not married yet. I was flabbergasted by the idea! And after this episode, I was scared when I saw these dools at night because their faces was wereexpressionless.

This year, my mother seems to have forget forgotten about Doll Festival again. There are no dolls on a tiered stand displayed yet. I hope that my mother doesn’t come up with such a scary idea again.

LingQディスカッション 老人と海

毎週火曜夜にJ先生と一緒に読む”The old man and the sea” ディスカッションに参加することになりました。初めての定例ディスカッションに少し緊張・・・。参加者は私を含め3名の日本人学習者でした。e-bookをダウンロードして、一人ずつ音読します。人前で音読するのって恥かしいФ。みんなが読み終わった後に発音の訂正や、質問などをしながら内容について話し合うという段取りでした。

I am always on the lookout for interesting books. As a working person, I don’t have much time to read. So I want to find books that are really interesting. But it is sometimes difficult to find the books that will meet my interest interest me. I felt the need to have someone to recommend me which one to read especially when I choose classic books. So I am happy to participate in this book reading discussion. I have heard of some Hemingway’s titles, ” A Farewell to Arms”, “The Garden of Eden” and “The Old Man and the Sea”. I have never read any of these books. I am glad to share the enjoyable book reading experience with other LinQ learners!

ホーム > アーカイブ > 2008年3月のアーカイブ

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