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Smoking issue.



Should the government raise tax on tobacco in order to prevent and reduce smoking?
I did some research for today’s discussion for on the tobacco issues. I didn’t have much interest on in tobacco issue because I don’t smoke. Everyone knows that tobacco does harm to our health. However, it is interesting to know that not everyone agrees with raising the tax to reduce smoking rate.

Japan has a relatively high smoking rate among the developed countries. The smoking rate is 40% for males and 11.3% for females. The number of young female smokers is increasing. It is said that 5,000,000 people die because of tobacco all over the world all over the world die because of tobacco. There are 110,000 deaths caused by tobacco in Japan. Smoking causes various kinds of cancers, ischemic heart diseases, strokes and so on. It is said that there are 160,000 of preventable strokes160,000 strokes could be prevented by stopping smoking here in Japan. Passive exposure to tobacco smoke damages non-smokers, too. Besides, a lot of taxes are spent on smokers who is are suffering by from smoking related diseases. Smoking does harm not only to our health but also damages the economy. We have to do something to prevent people from smoking.

There is a plan to raise the price of tobacco. In Japan, tobacco costs less than three dollars whereas it costs more than 8 dollars in Europe. Some politicians plan to raise the price to 10 dollars in the near future. The government raised the price of tobacco by 20 yen in 2003. The smoking rate was dropped by 6% after that. It was influential especially for young people. By raising the tax on tobacco by 7 dollars, the smoking rate will plummet. There are several actions to prevent smoking by providing restrictions on advertisement advertising and vending machines. The effectiveness of these actions is not sufficient. I think raising tobacco prices will bring have a massive impact on smokers.

What will the government do with the raised tax extra revenue? The last time the government raised tax in 2003, it is said that the money was spent on making up the deficit of a railway company. I think that the money should be used to educate young people not to smoke, to help smokers to stop smoking, and subsidise tobacco farmers to make grow another crop. 

There will be many controversial opinions about raising tax on tobacco especially from smokers and tobacco companies. We have to think of the best way to reduce smoking because it causes vast damages massive damage to our society.

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ホーム > アーカイブ > 2008年9月7日のアーカイブ

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