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2月から続いているLinQの音読ディスカッションに参加しています。メンバーは日本人3名とメキシコ人男性1名の4名。これまで”老人と海”、”The Ultimate Gift”を読了し、3冊目の”The Ultimate Life”を読み進めています。一人2ページ程読み進めていき、先生が発音を直してくれたり質問に答えてくれたりします。本の内容について語り合ったりするのですが、一人で読むと気付かないような視点を得られるのが良いところです。


The reading discussion is my favorite activity in learning English. When I first participated in the book reading discussions “The Old Man And The Sea” in February, I thought I could read well. However, I had never read aloud by myself before the discussion. I thought I could read fluently in my head. So, I was surprised when I actually read aloud in the discussion, because I realized I was not that good than as good as I had expected. I stammered a lot, and my tongue didn’t work well. After that discussion, I realized that my pronunciation was flat, and I didn’t have the rhythm that sounds like English. I practiced every week. I think I have made a progress by participating in the discussion 8 months so far.

There is one more reason that I love this book reading discussion . By exchange exchanging our opinions, we can discover a new way of thinking, share feelings, and understand more about each other. This makes the reading activity more fascinating than reading by myself. I was very glad when Alejandro participated in our discussion group from of “The Ultimate Gift”. I read in an article that Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world, while Mexico and Greece have the lowest. The suicide rate in Japan is 10 times higher than that of Mexico’s. So I was interested in Mexico because I wanted to know the difference between our nations. I am happy to hear about Aljendro’s opinion. Sometimes he has offered us an opinion that is totally different from mine. If I didn’t participate in this discussion, I would never have spoken with a Mexican professor.

I think the book reading discussion is most helpful to me in for these reason. I hope we can share more ideas through this discussion and improve together.

ホーム > アーカイブ > 2008年10月9日のアーカイブ

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