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Pro-life vs. Pro-choice

Pro-life vs. Pro-choice

I was shocked and distressed to hear of the passing of Dr Tiller on June 2 in America. He was an obstetrician and was murdered by an anti-abortion zealot when he was attending mass.

Dr Tiller performed abortions in the third trimester and was frequently denounced by media for that. Such doctors are scarce because of the increasing risk of the procedure in the third trimester, and for fear of provoking raising ethical issues. A famous critic called Dr Tiller “Baby killer” repeatedly on media. I think In my opinion this kind of personal attack on in the media has something to do with is partly responsible for the violence the violent attacks on Dr. Tiller.

In the past, Dr Tiller was shot in both arms, his clinic was bombed, and he was threatened to revoke his licence with having his licence revoked. Media should think The media need to take more responsibility the influence they give to people for the influence they have over people when they demonize a person.

There is an intense political and ethical battle over the abortion issue in America. For pro-life activists, abortion is a murder to a fetus. Meanwhile, pro-choice activists claim it’s the inalienable right of women to be able to choose to have an abortions. It seems difficult to reach common ground as it contains religious and political issues this area contains so many religious and political aspects.

I’m afraid that There is a considerable danger that if pro-life opinion becomes popular, abortion would be banned or restricted severely. The fact that 820,000 abortions were performed in a year in America shows there are needs for abortion doctors the extent of the need for doctors who are prepared to perform abortions. If abortion is were banned or restricted, the number of illegal abortions would increase. Such illegal abortion won’t be able to protect women’s health Illegal abortion present a danger to women’s health because…….

According to a Gallup poll, 51% of Americans are pro-life, and 42% are pro-choice. The number of pro-life supporters has increased by 18% over a decade. Although, there is no poll on the abortion issue in Japan, I think that the majority of Japanese people are pro-choice. Because, since the custom of having a memorial service for an aborted fetus seems to be widely accepted in Japan. There are also guardian deity statues for aborted children in shrines. We feel sorry to see these statues which look like young children, but we never argued about right and wrong about abortion issue. I was surprised by the difference in opinion between Japan and America.

I like the Japanese way of accepting the abortion issue because no one should be blamed for performing an abortion, and women’s health should be protected under law. I hope violence that the fear of violence won’t deter doctors from providing performing abortions.


 集めた情報を参考にして書いた部分は記事風。そこに自分の意見が混ぜてある・・・というのがダメらしいです。しかも最後の2段落は完全に自分の意見なので、いらないらしいです。とほほ。客観的記事の段落では、I で始まる文章はとことん訂正されてました。
 感想文だから好きに書いていいのかと思ったんだよ~。英文ライティングはスタイルにうるさいですよね。客観的な文章を書くなら、自分の意見をまぜないこと、特に I で始まる文章は入れないように・・・。以後気をつけるつもりだけど、日本語の感想文スタイルが癖になっているので、すぐには直らないかも・・・。

ホーム > アーカイブ > 2009年6月24日のアーカイブ

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