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ディスカッション備忘録 トム先生

I’ve been using Twitter since May 2009. Two years have passed, but there was no sign of getting tired of it.

I joined a LingQ conversation with four Japanese participants on Sunday. It was a casual conversation, and one of the topics, “communication skills”, moved naturally to Twitter. The tutor valued face-to-face communication rather than Twitter or Facebook. He said that connections via Twitter is a lazy way of communicating with people, and we should meet as many people as we can in person, and hug each other.

I didn’t disagree with him during the discussion, because there wasn’t much time left at that time. After the discussion, I regretted not expressing my ideas about Twitter.

Meeting people in person is certainly a great way to know each other, but the variety of people we can meet is limited to where we live unless we travel all over the world or become a celebrity whom everyone comes to see. On the other hand, we can get to know new people on Twitter regardless of our profession, place or age. I can follow as many as I like, and others follow me if they find something interesting about me. Easy availability of new acquaintances is one of the appealing features of Twitter.

People who don’t use Twitter might say the relationship might be shallow. It is true that for many people who follow thousands of people, the relationship would be shallow as we can’t deal with such a large group of people. Although, as I carefully follow the tweets of the new acquaintance, I come to know what kind of person he/she is. Then, I select people whom I really want to become friends with. Twitter is like panning for alluvial gold in a river. What we value as gold is different from person to person, and it is worth trying to find a new friend from vast scope of shallow relationships.

Twitter just gives us an opportunity to make new friends. Whether or not we have a good relationship depends on the users. I don’t heed advice from those who just criticize without trying what they are criticizing. I understand that the tutor prefers face-to-face conversation to Twitter, but he doesn’t have to call people lazy unless he has experienced the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter.





ホーム > アーカイブ > 2011年6月28日のアーカイブ

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