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Korean Tortuous Beautifying Routines

I almost forgot to tell you that I traveled to Korea at the end of 2010. My mother is a huge Korean drama fan. She watches 2 Korean drama episodes every day, and visiting Korea, especially where the drama was shot, had been listed in her wish list for many years. I’m not big on Korean dramas, in fact, quite the contrary, I hate their simple love and hate storylines. People weep hokily, and yell at each other too often in one episode. I was afraid if I went to Korea, I would come to realize how wonderful they really were, and would end up studying Korean instead of English.

  To my relief, that didn’t happen. However, Korean Kimchi was really scrumptious. Korean people pickle various vegetables with cayenne, and eat them 3 times a day. Korean women had fairly smooth skins, presumably due to increased perspiration from ingesting spices and condiments.


 There was another secret for the Korean beauty. South Korea is famous for its esthetic salons, especially body scrubbing. My mother and I tried one of these salons at night. It wasn’t what I expected though. I thought that an esthetic salon was a comfy place, but I was wrong. A group of Japanese women were ushered to extremely hot saunas, which reminded me of perdition. The 10 minutes felt like an eternity… Because the warden-like Korean lady had shut the door tight and didn’t allow us to bust out, we gasped for air. We had to be put through several more saunas, and then ushered to a cold room next to the bathroom. There were several massage chairs separated by dingy curtains, and robust Korean ladies aged 50-60, wearing only lacy black bras and underwear, were washing naked people with a scrub brush. It was like they were washing misshaped, unsalable potatoes in the river, furious that their effort to sell the crop was dashed by some misfortune. There was no privacy, no dignity left as a human. I didn’t want to continue, however, it was an assembly-line operation, and dropping out of the assembly wasn’t an option that was given to us sacks of potatoes. So, I endured, believing that was a tribulation only given to a beautiful woman.


 After what felt like an eternity, my old skin was completely removed, and I was released with a red-scraped new skin, as if I had cast off the old skin like a snake.


 Being a beautiful woman is tough. (Of course, I’m exaggerating!)  It was a whole new experience, but I’m not sure I want to visit Korea again…











寝たままでiPadが使える、エジソンの”ほんとe スタンド/W、クランプ式”です。ネーミングは残念な感じなのですが、ベッドに取り付けることで、iPadを手で持つことなく使えるという優れもの。








A Message from Lincoln?

  Life is full of surprises, especially if you are a Postcrossing member. I’ve been enjoying exchanging postcards with strangers for about 7 months, and one of the weirdest things happened this week.


  I’ve been watching History videos on Khan Academy for a while. I started out with the French Revolution, and then proceeded to American history. I watched “Jamestown to the Civil War” and “Lincoln’s Assassination” this week. I learned that Lincoln played an important role in the Civil War, but he couldn’t make it to the end of the war. What is more, this week’s book club chapter addressed “Presidents Day”, by chance. We read that Presidents Day was enacted to honor the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln. How timely it was to stumble upon Lincoln twice in one week!


So, you could imagine how spooked I was when I found a postcard that depicts Lincoln in my mailbox later on that week. The gaunt, monochrome Lincoln really freaked me out! The American lady who sent me the postcard explained that she chose that particular card because he is important. The chance of receiving the Lincoln postcard in that timeframe would be astronomically small considering the fact that according to the Postcrossing statistics, 335,374 postcards are travelling at this exact moment, and most of them are scenic ones.


I can’t help but think that this was Lincoln’s doing. He must have had something to get through to me, otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered to visit my mailbox all the way beyond time and space. I tried hard to decipher the message, but to no avail, so instead, I decided to read a book about him. It might be like the “Jesus on a Tortilla” thing, but why not make the most of the opportunity? Life is full of fun and surprises when we are open to new possibilities. 


This is the postcard… Isn’t he a little bit spooky? 

Postcrossing にまつわる不思議な偶然。先月からKhan Academy で、歴史のビデオを見始めたのですが、先週ちょうど南北戦争、リンカーンの暗殺についてのレッスンでした。そしてその週のBook Clubでは、偶然にもBill BrysonのエッセイでPresident Dayというアメリカの休日についてのチャプターでした。これは、ジョージ・ワシントンとリンカーンの誕生月である2月の第三月曜日をPresident Dayと定めて歴代の大統領の功績を祝うというもの。
 何か運命のようなものを勝手に感じてしまったので、今年はリンカーンについての本を3冊ほど読んでみることにしました。きっかけは偶然だけど、リンカーンが与えてくれたチャンス(?)を利用しない手はないでしょう。この話をLingQのじりさ先生にしたら、ちょうどKilling Lincolnという本を読んでいるところでした。第4の偶然。とりあえず、子供向けのPenguinシリーズで簡単な自伝を読んでから、普通の自伝、リンカーンの暗殺を扱った本、と進んでいきたいと思います。余裕があれば南北戦争の本まで。

Every Postcard Has a Story to Tell

  今年はPostcrossingでやり取りしたポストカードで、特に思い出深いものについて英作文にして添削にだそうかと思っています。半年で90枚程送り、同じくらいの数のポストカードを受け取りました。たまに、”Happy Postcrossing”とだけ書かれた残念なポストカードもあるけれども、だいたい送り主の日常のこと、住んでいる町のこと、趣味、読んでいる本など、興味深いことが書かれています。今まで興味を持っていなかったこと、知らなかったことを折角教えてもらったのだから、この素晴らしい経験を誰かと共有したい。






 My new writing plan this year is to write about Postcrossing. Every postcard has a story to tell. Ever since I started Postcrossing, and exchanging postcards from all over the world, I’ve sent 90 postcards and received as many postcards as I sent. Some senders only wrote “Happy Postcrossing” which is boring and seems heartless, but most of the people write about their lives, hobbies, favorite books and songs, and so many interesting things.


   Also, the picture they picked out for me made me realize what kind of things I really liked. I’ve never realized that I like scenery that stretches as far as the horizon before I received some postcards with the horizon on them. As Japan is a small country, where three-quarters of the land is mountainous or hilly, I don’t see the horizon where I live. That’s why I like postcards which show the horizon.


  Sharing these experiences on my blog would be nice, and also give me a lot of opportunities to write. I hope there is something interesting to write every day this year. 










 これまでも、LingQ のフラッシュカード25枚を1セットとして、毎日1回は単語をチェックしていました。25単語の例文を音読しながら2回確認するのにかかる時間は7分。昨年はフラッシュカードを410回したので、だいたい48時間を単語学習に費やしたことになります。LingQのstat を確認すると、フラッシュカードで覚えた単語は1090個。例年通りの結果でした。








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