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A Brief Review of Star Trek 2009

 Without wasting any time, I set out to explore the strange new world. I chose the latest movie, Star Trek 2009, for starters. At first, I was afraid that I wouldn’t understand the story, as I haven’t seen any of the previous episodes, but it turned out that I had made the right choice.

 The story was a chronicle of the early days of Captain Kirk and his fellow Enterprise crew members. The story starts with Captain Kirk’s birth and his father’s heroic death while attempting to save his crew members as a captain. This movie comes before the first series, so we newcomers don’t have to worry about our lack of knowledge.

 Some critics said the new actors ruined the previous image of the characters, but I was awestricken by Zachary Quinto, and how “Spocky” he looked. Even though I had no idea what Vulcan people looked like, he seemed anything but a Vulcan. Also, Captain Kirk is a reckless, attractive young man, and the helmsman Hikaru Sulu was really cute. There was a very capable, black female officer, who had a talent in languages. I didn’t find that the setting was unusual, but I later learned that it was extraordinary to depict a black female as being as capable as any man, let alone treating her equally on a TV series back in the 1960s.

 As I live in 2012, I might not have noticed some of the groundbreaking concepts that shook people 40 years ago. Technology has improved our lives, and it must have realized many fictional items people would have never imagined possible. The movie was fantastic, and I’m sure it will be a gateway to my exploration of more of the past Star Trek series.





 まだ映画を1作みただけですが、SupernaturalのEpisodeに”I mean, they come on like shady politicians from planet Vulcan.” ”奴らはVulcan星の政治家みたいに胡散臭い”と、さっそくスター・トレックに言及した台詞を見つけました。Randy PauschさんのThe Last Lecture にも、子供時代にキャプテンKirkに憧れていたと書かれていましたし、スター・トレックシリーズに影響された人々の作品も分かりやすくなるかもしれません。



ホーム > アーカイブ > 2012年2月4日のアーカイブ

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