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The second school semester has started today. Although summer vacation and semesters have nothing to do with adults, I always feel like starting anew on September 1st. 

I participated in an English on-line group called the “Virtual English Club” this summer. Nearly 30 English learners gathered on line and established goals for this summer. My goal was to write more than ten English essays and diary entries from 7/21 to 8/31. I managed to write ten essays and diary entries during this summer. I had homework for the first time in 16 years, and it felt good! 

I used to be a great procrastinator when I was a student. One of the reasons I could manage to fulfill my goal was I had friends whom I could study with. We actually didn’t study together, but we reported what we did during each week on a bulletin board. This helped me a lot. We encouraged and inspired each other to study more. 

I also realised that I had been craving homework. It is difficult for me to study without any deadlines. It would be a good idea to give assignments to myself, the point being that the assignments would not be given or forced. Making short term goals would be good for English study as it doesn’t seem to have goals.




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