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【オーディオブック】The Name of the Wind




おススメ度:★★★★★ ファンタジー好きにはオススメ。

伝説の集団、チャンドリアンに旅芸人の両親を惨殺され孤児になったKvothe. 復讐を誓い、アルケミーやマジックなどを学ぶために大学に入学し、秘術を学ぶ傍らで伝説上の存在と思われているチャンドリアンの謎を紐解いていく、というストーリー。第二巻の”The Wise Man’s Fear”まで一気に聞きました。こちらは43時間。合計71時間の長丁場ですが、長さを感じさせない面白さでした。ただし、Fantasy好きじゃないと、長くて辛いだけかも・・・。


先週、2巻の最後のほうを単純作業しながら聞いていたら、なんと7時間半連続で聞いてしまったという没頭ぶりでした。The Pillars of the Earth も面白くて、3時間くらい連続で聞いてましたけど、今回はそれを遥かに上回ってしまった…。ストーリー自体はThe Pillars of the Earthのほうが面白いんだけど、The Name of the Windは主人公がかっこ良くてつい聞き入ってしまいました。3巻が出るのが非常に楽しみ・・・。

“Drop Everything and Listen” Moment.

I listen to audiobooks for 30 minutes while commuting to work by car. I have to stop listening no matter how exciting the story has become once I arrive, and sometimes it takes fierce willpower to tear myself away from the iPod.

Menial chores would be the least popular work for many people, but I look forward to doing tedious work once or twice a month. Last Friday, I had to prepare for experimental samples, and I happily retreated to a dark and cold room to do the job with my iPod.

The audiobook I listened to was “The Wise Man’s Fear”, a sequel to a 2007 bestseller, “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Ruthfuss. This epic saga consists of 3 parts, and the second part was published this year. The audio version of the second book takes approximately 43 hours. This is a fiction book, but the details of the story are so intense that it makes me visualize the perfect imaginary medieval city in my head. Kvothe, whose parents were brutally killed by Chandrian, a group of seven mythical godlike men, seek revenge. Kvothe becomes a hero, a living legend, but unlike other fantasy stories, there are no magic wands, cooperative elves or dwarfs. Everything depends on the destitute, orphan boy. That’s why I felt overwhelming empathy for him.

Time slipped away, and when I came to my senses, 7.5 hours had passed. The earbuds felt like a part of my body. I was so absorbed in the story, I barely noticed I had my work done. This was a rare experience, and I hope there will be more to come in the future.




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