Merlin Series 4

The time finally came! When I finished watching Merlin series 3 in June, I couldn’t bear to think I had to wait until series 4 that would be aired this autumn. It felt like a thousand years . Nothing could have delighted me more than the latest episode last Sunday. To tell you the truth, I was not supposed to watch it from Japan. The BBC iPlayer doesn’t allow overseas residents to access its contents.

I’m willing to pay for the BBC, but it doesn’t let me. Global iPlayer is available in European countries, but not for Asia. I downloaded the Global iPlayer when I stayed in France, paid 50 Euros for the annual fee, hoarded as many programs as I could while in France, but these contents vanished as soon as I accessed it in Japan.

Well, fair enough. I have a plan B. The setting was relatively easy, and I could watch the drama from Japan! Unfortunately, I can’t say how to do it in my blog!

My 6 years of diligent English study finally bore fruit, because I had to collect these information in English. I believe that the fandom can be the strongest incentive to master English, and I should not be ashamed by the geekishness I never thought I had.


 読みたい本、観たいドラマがあるが日本語では手に入らない・・・。なら英語を勉強するしかない!!! ということで、これからも頑張ります。

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