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英文添削 産む機械発言について


Recently, Japanese fertility fell to an average of 1.26 children per woman. The population is decreasing in our country.

The Minister of Health referred to this issue in a speech at a local meeting last week.

He said, “Because the number of birth-giving machines and devices is fixed, all we can ask is for them to do their best.”

I know there will be more old people and fewer children in Japan, but it is sad to regard women as “birth-giving machines.”

Newborn children are regarded as merely future revenue sources.

Women are accused of having fewer children nowadays. Are only women responsible for this situation?

Although, it is important for both mothers and children to bond with each other, a lot of women are driven away from work during the childraising period. If all parents were able to take paid maternity leave or paternity leave, raising children would be a less cumbersome problem for women. The employers should be supportive of their employees and help them balance their career and family life.

Creating a better environment for working mothers is necessary.



★ゆきぷ★さん 2007/02/10

こんな時事問題を提出してすごい! 私はいつも柔らかめのばっかりだし、出さないことも多々(何書こうかな~と思っているうちに一ヶ月過ぎちゃう^^;)
そうそうヨガは週一回ペースで通えています^^ Yukoさんは一回ごとのお支払い?それともマンスリーパス?なんかさすがに春ぐらいから月謝制になるみたい??(2007.02.10 00:49:19)

yukoxoxo2000 2007/02/11

時事問題テーマは初めてです。なぼむしさんや英検1級を目指してらっしゃる方々のブログに刺激されました! 恥ずかしながら全然新聞を読まないので、なんとかしなければ、と思っているところです。
 ヨガは週末に行って1回ごとに払ってます。月謝じゃないところが気楽でよかったんですけどねぇ。でもさすがに採算が合わないと思う。(2007.02.11 15:16:13)



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