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毎週定例のLinQ音読ブッククラブで作文の宿題がでました。現在定例メンバー4人でJim StovallのThe Ultimate Giftを順番に音読しています。先週のディスカッションで「家族」についての章を読んだ後、「ページ数が少ないしもっとエピソードがあってもいいのに」と生意気な感想を述べてしまったせいか、各自がこのチャプターに挿入するエピソードを考えて作文する宿題がでてしまいました! 物語を書くのって苦手。1週間か~な~り苦しみました。この本は語彙も易しくシンプルな文体で書かれているのですが、いざ自分で書いてみると難しかった・・・ 作者に心の中で平謝りしました!多読では読めば読むほど読みやすくなったと感じたのでもっともっと書く練習をしないと上手くならないですね。

2人の男性メンバーさんの作文は、句動詞が駆使されていて、最後にサプライズもあり素晴らしいストーリーでした! 同じ題材で作文を書いて見せ合うという経験は初めだったのでいい勉強になりました。人と比べて自分の作文はどうかと考えるきっかけになりました。私の作文はシンプルすぎてなんだか子供っぽかったなぁ。

This was the most difficult homework I’ve ever had. I’m not the creative person! To write an episode for Jason, I could think about what is the most important factor for a family. Here is my story.

The following day, one of the boys fell from the ladder and blooded bloodied his knee. His name was Mark. He was six years old and was new to the house. While Jason were was taking care of his wound, Mark kept weeping. “I want my Mom and Dad come to meto come!” Jason cursed Mark’s parents for leaving their boy to at the orphanage. “Why did his parents leave him? Where did they go?” 
Nathan answered his question. “His parents were killed in a traffic accident. There were no relatives who wanted to look after him. All the children here have problems with their family. Some parents give up their children because of the divorce, others are too young to raise children. There are children who are left behind by their mother in front of an orphanage.” 
Jason felt terribly sorry for Mark and other children. As Jason bandaging the wound, other boys came to see Mark. When Jason finished with the wound, one of the boys said, “Come on Mark, I found something interesting in the woods! ” Mark hesitated to go, but in the end, he laughed through his tears.
Nathan said, “When children come to this house, they are in despair after departing from their family. They have to find a new identity here. Senior boys understand thisby from their own experience, and try to soothe the new boys by acting as a friend or a brother. They are all seeking roles as a family member. They become a true family through the process.”
Jason never thought about his family before. He realized how lucky he was to have his own family. However, everyone in his family seemed to live by their own selfish rules. There were was no sympathy nor affection to for each other. The orphans here didn’t have their own family relationship they were supposed to have, but they trytried to make a family of their own by showing affection to the others. Jason realized that some efforts are required to make the family united.




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