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Ready Player One(2011)/ゲームウォーズ(上) (SB文庫)




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Ready Player One

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Book Review: Ready, Player, One


This is a Sci-Fi novel by Ernest Cline.


In 2044, most people are forced to live in misery; natural resources are exhausted, and the economy has collapsed. Most of humanity seeks refuge in a virtual reality system, called OASIS through which people can choose their own avatars regardless of their colors, genders, or appearances. They can do whatever they want: go to school, make a living, explore the virtual galaxy in their own spaceships.


Wade Watts is one of the hapless teenagers who devotes himself to the virtual world. One day, the world receives a message from James Halliday, the creator of Oasis. The billionaire has died without an heir, and his testament states that he would leave his entire fortune and Oasis to the one who finds an “Easter egg”, hidden somewhere in the vast Oasis world. From then on, crazed people search everywhere to no avail; the virtual world is too enormous to explore thoroughly. In addition, all the clues are based on pop culture trivia from the 1980s that the late Halliday loved.


After five years of fruitless searching, people begin to think it is a hoax. Then, Wade makes the first breakthrough to solve the three riddles. Suddenly, the whole world starts to watch Wade’s every move. The only way to survive is to win the game.


My thoughts:

This book was awesome! I really enjoyed reading it. If I were well-versed in 1980s pop culture, it would have been even more interesting!


All the main characters were super cool geeks! To solve Halliday’s riddles, they needed to be familiar with every movie he watched, every song he loved, and all the computer games, arcade games, Japanese anime, and everything! I admired their devotion to detail.


Also, this book presented a very interesting theme: is it possible to love a person whom you meet in a virtual reality without seeing them in actual life? People in a virtual reality can choose what they look like; you can select a gorgeous blonde avatar with big boobs even if, in real life, you are an acne-mottled, fat nerd. I believe that we can fake our appearances online, but we can’t pretend to be someone we are not and do things that we would not really do. If we come to know the person well, it is possible that we could love their true nature, not their avatar.


As I wrote earlier, I really enjoyed this book. It made me feel like I was living in the virtual reality world with all the main characters. I really hope that an Oasis-like system will be developed in my lifetime-hopefully, without the collapsing economy.





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