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Piles of Books


Piles of Books to be Read.

I’ve been reading English books for pleasure for 3 years. I have a propensity of for stockpiling books. During these years, I’ve bought more books than I could read. I suspect that I enjoy buying books more than reading them. During Golden Week, I piled them up on the table to see how many unread books I’ve hoarded. I was hit by an avalanche after I took a keepsake picture of piled books. I’m sure it was a scathing rebuke from the books. There are 36 books to be read.

I’ve read 105 books so far, but the more I read, the more I want to read. I practiced the skimming technique to read fast. It worked well for my academic reading. It took 3 weeks to read an academic paper when I started my PhD course a year ago. Now, I can read 1 or 2 of them in a day.

I think the fast reading technique takes the fun off from fun out of my pleasure reading reading for pleasure. When I started reading English books, I could read 100 words per minute. Although it increased 2.5 fold times, I don’t think it’s sufficient fast enough. I hope I can read all the books that I want in my life time!

チューターの先生からのコメント” About speed-reading, I don’t think you can speed-read for pleasure. It would be like driving a car only looking at the signposts: you would get there but you wouldn’t have a lot of fun doing it.”  こんな風に表現できたらなぁ! まさに私が言いたかったことを、例えを用いて表現してくれました。ストンと納得できた感じです。


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