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【オーディオブック】The Truth and Other Lies(2014)悪徳小説家

The Truth and Other Lies/ 悪徳小説家




評価:4.5 out of 5

The Truth and Other Lies






面白かった! ヘンリーは世界的な売れっ子作家ですが、実は一文字たりとも自分では書いておらず、小説を執筆しているのは妻マルタなのです。マルタには全く功名心がなく、夫ヘンリーとはそれなりに仲良く暮らしています。この夫婦の秘密を知らないまま、愛人関係になった担当編集者のベティから自分の子を妊娠したと告げられたヘンリー。「妻とは別れる」という浮気男の定番セリフを残して帰宅したヘンリーですが、新作を執筆中の妻に真実を告げられるわけがない。そこで彼がとった行動が思わぬ結果を招いてしまい・・・。


倒叙スタイルで、犯人の目線から今起きていることが淡々と語られます。ミステリー/スリラーにカテゴライズされているけれども、トリックもどんでん返しもない、行き当たりばったりの作品。密室殺人とか完全なトリックを披露されて最後にアッと驚くよりは、”悪事がバレそう!?” と、容疑者の気持ちになってドキドキするほうがスリルがあって好きです。






Henry Hayden was a renowned novelist with millions of books sold internationally. When his editor got pregnant with his child, Henry had to talk with his wife. The problem is that Henry’s wife is the real author of his books.


My thoughts:

I love this book although it has many flaws. This book is categorized as Mystery/Thriller, but it has no tricks, nor revealings. It doesn’t even seem to have a proper structure.  Everything Henry did was unplanned; he lied, he accidentally killed, and he just barely covered up his mistakes.


Why am I into this story? Because of his insecurity. If I committed a murder- and that’s a big if-  it would be a hell of a mess. As a law-abiding citizen, pulling a well-organized murder and getting away with it is far from reality. I would be confused, tell more lies, do stupid things, and make things worse as Henry did. So, this book was the nearest thing I had to a real murder experience, and that was why I felt so nervous while I was reading.


As I think of it, this “kill and lie as you go” style started to seem like a clever tactic to grip readers’ hearts. I certainly fell for it, and I experienced how it felt to be a murderer. It is easy to dismiss this book as ridiculous, but this could be a rare opportunity to put ourselves to a murderer’s shoes.










Giant Wrymouth

去年の秋にアラスカの水族館で見かけたGiant Wrymouthという1m20cmほどのお魚。ぬめ〜っと動く姿が印象的でした。

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