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多読記録 Anything Goes

多読126冊目。Anything Goes. Doctor WhoとTorchwoodでキャプテン・ジャックを演じているJohn Barrowmanのautobiography。YoutubeのInterviewを見ていたところ、”I’m living my ultimate dream.” という言葉が気になったので自伝を読んでみることにしました。


この本を読むまではただ、”こんなに格好よければ人生楽しいでしょうよ!”と思っていたのですが、見た目とかお金を持っているかどうかというより、人生に対するPositiveな態度が大事なんだと考えなおしました。働く時は一生懸命働いて、遊ぶ時は最大限楽しめるように工夫して遊ぶ! ”お金と暇がなきゃね” なんて思っていたらあっという間に歳をとってしまいます。相手はセレブとはいえ、同じ人生なんだもの。私も人生を楽しもう!と思えた1冊でした。


Anything Goes by John Barrowman

Knowing very little of John Barrowman as a new fan, I enjoyed learning about his life by reading his autobiography. The reason why I am interested in his biography was I watched his short interview on YouTube saying that he is living his ultimate dream. The notion of “living his ultimate dream” touched my heart, and I wanted to know more about his life, and how he achieved his childhood dreams. (To be honest, he is a great looking guy, and that’s the main reason.)

Throughout the book, I felt his positive attitude toward life rushing toward me from the book. There is a line I especially liked,

“I really have no time for sour grapes, or for individuals who want to dim someone else’s light because it’s shining brighter than theirs. The world can be a dark enough place. Light it up.”

Show business must be an awfully competitive place, because everyone has talent, is good looking, and ambitious. Many people, including me, are inclined to have grudges against successful people or envy them without working really hard to achieve our own dreams. Just doing away with negative thoughts and focusing on goals seems a key to a successful career. I have to bear in mind to always be positive. I’ll see things differently if I stay in a good mood.

Another thing about him I admired was how he enjoys his life with his family. Time spent with his partner and family seems more precious than having money and fame. The diving experience in Turkey during an eclipse, canoeing inside a volcanic crater near Santorini, tracing the history of the Donner Party, who were pioneer families that set out from Illinois to California in the 1840s, were beyond my imagination! I used to dream of exploring the world, but somehow the dream was buried deep inside my mind during busy days. Working hard isn’t enough to make my life colorful and enjoyable, I recalled. I’m not a celebrity, but I still can do things to enjoy life by my own measures. What I need to remember is work isn’t everything, so enjoy life.

I was ashamed of reading celebrity’s biography at first, but this book gave me a chance to think about my life, the importance of living life to the fullest. In that, I’m thankful for this book.



ホーム > アーカイブ > 2011年9月22日のアーカイブ

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