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Hot Spring

Kagoshima is a volcanic region which has 11 active volcanic mountains such as Mt. Sakurajima and Volcanoes of Kirishima. Mt. Sakurajima often sends out ashes to our city. I hate ashes because I can’t hang my laundry outside, I can’t open the windows, and my car is always covered with muddy ashes.

However, I appreciate hot springs despite all the inconvenience caused by those volcanic activities. There are 280 hot springs in our city. We can enjoy various kinds of hot spring facilities in our daily lives. The entrance fee is only 360 yen. Many people who live in big cities make trips to hot springs, but we don’t have to travel for hot springs. It’s one of the biggest appealing points of our city.

I visited the Kirishima hot spring and stayed at a Japanese inn this weekend. The inn where we stayed is called “Futari-shizuka.” The inn offers cottages for each customer. Each of them contains a living room, a bedroom, toilet, hot spring within the cottage, an open-air spa, and a sauna. It’s really fantastic to bathe in the moonlight. As the sulfur spa contains ingredients to make the skin beautiful, I bathed 4 times during the stay. It was extremely good to do nothing except for bathing and eating. I feel refreshed now.

I love Kagoshima because of the hot springs. That’s why I complain a lot about ashes, but don’t want to leave my city. I will continue to live in my city unless Mt. Sakurajima explodes and the hot springs become too hot to bathe in.




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