Mt.Sakurajima is an active volcano located only 4 kilometers away from Kagoshima city. It stopped erupting around 10 years ago, but I was afraid Mt.Sakurajima was gathering strength for a big eruption. Although it hasn’t had major eruptions for more than 10 years, it erupted last week. 
Although it sent out big boulders, ash and debris to Kagoshima city,we didn’t have to evacuate the city. I was doing experimentsin my lab when it erupted. All of a sudden, the air was filled with the smell of rotten eggs. We thought something was wrong with our experiment and evacuated our lab. After we got out of the lab, we realised that the vision outside of the window was completely blurred by ash. The eruption was the first in 10 years so we didn’t realise it was an eruption of Mt.Sakurajima at first.

When I was a child, Mt.Sakurajima had small eruptions almost every day. As a child, the eruptions were natural for me, because they had started long before I was born. The eruption sent ashes out over Kagoshima city. The ash was black, rough, and smelled of sulfur. It was as if sand had fallen from the sky. My hair got sandy, my nostrils became black when I blew my nose with Kleenex, and all the houses in Kagoshima stayed dusty however hard we cleaned them. We could nothang laundry out to dry . The weather in Kagoshima is warm and humid, so it was an ordeal for school children to study in a classroom because we could not open the windows in summer. 
Mt. Sakurajima used to erupt on my entrance ceremonies through elementary school to university. I was so proud of my new school uniforms on my special days, but ash messed up my immaculate uniforms.

Mt. Sakureajima itself is so beautiful when erupting so that tourists want to experience ash falling. However it is a little bit annoying for citizens. I sometimes missed ashes when it was dormant for so long. I should not have regretted missing that eruption! I hope it will not erupt again in my lifetime.

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