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 A memorial ceremony for 3.11 will be held on 3/11 at 17 o’clock in Morioka. Participants will light 20,000 candles for 19,312 victims. There will be many of us who want to offer our condolences, but won’t be able to join the ceremony. The committee is asking people to light a candle in their home and pray for the victims together. Could you light a candle at your home on 3/11 at 17 to 19 o’clock and post the picture on this website?



 A friend of mine living in Tohoku area, one of the areas struck by the catastrophic earthquake and Tsunami last March, is helping out by making 20,000 milk carton luminaries for a memorial service that will be held on 3/11. 

 The earthquake claimed 19,312 lives in the blink of an eye. These 20,000 luminaries represent each of the victims, and locals will sing the requiem at the ceremony. 




ろうそくを灯した画像を で募集されるそうですので、参加したいと思います。




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