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Putting on A Mask Again

Wearing a mask is part of Japanese culture. Everyone wears a mask casually; it prevents spreading and inhaling nasty viruses, it adds humidity when breathing in dry winter air, and it conceals half of the wearer’s face when they don’t have time to put on makeup. For these reasons, I love masks.


I had to give up this habit when I came to the U.S. No one wears a mask unless s/he is participating in medical procedures. If I put on a mask in public without wearing a white coat, people might think that I bring pestilence to the earth.


My two years of mask-free life was over when a new colleague came to our office. His desk is assigned next to me. Since I am at the end of my project, and he has just begun his, we both have quite a lot of paperwork. The problem is, he smells offensive. To describe the smell is challenging; rotten ham doesn’t fully define the complex odor he gives off. It is a combination of unwashed body and clothes, and a finishing touch of stale, oxidized oil he somehow succeeds in wearing as a natural perfume.


He is not a chatty guy; when I talk to him, the only word he utters is, “I know.” I don’t know what he knows and how he knows, or what else he knows, but it seems impossible to reach him further. “You could smell better”, is the least offensive remark I could come up with, but if I say this, I am a bitch. Besides, I guess that his reply would be, “I know”.


If I would be scorned by pointing out the truth, what about his offence to my nostrils? Shouldn’t it be punished? Maybe not. Life is not fair. That’s why I resumed wearing a mask. I’m Japanese; I don’t need reasons to wear a mask. I don’t think I antagonize our relationship as colleagues. My reason for doing this is not insulting the malodorous colleague; I simply miss the Japanese mask-wearing culture. I’m afraid he is not capable of sniffing out perjury.




先日購入した“642 Things to Write About”のトピックから、“これまでに経験した中で最悪だったサンクスギビングの料理”を。








Chicken Foot










“642 Things To Write About” のトピックに“最悪だったサンクスギビングの料理”があったので、ゲテモノ料理ばかり紹介してしまいましたが、チャーハンや野菜炒め、麵など、お馴染みの中華料理もあって、こちらはとても美味しかったです。鳥の足とブタ耳を食べるのには勇気がいりましたが、おかげで思い出深いサンクスギビングになりました。



This topic is on page 1 in the book, “642 Things To Write About”. What perfect timing, because I just had the worst Thanksgiving dish I’ve ever had!


I like Chinese food generally, but the Chinese food I eat is modified for foreigners. For example, I love ma-po tofu the most. What I love about ma-po tofu is the perfect combination of miso, green onion and ground beef. I was rather disappointed when I ordered ma-po tofu from an authentic Chinese restaurant. They didn’t use miso or green onions; they had tofu, ground beef, and tons of hot peppers. I could breathe fire after the first bite. That was not what I had expected, but I had to admit that the dish was authentic Chinese ma-po tofu.


My boss invited me for Thanksgiving dinner this year. He and his wife were originally from China, and all the guests except me were Chinese. They had traditional turkey and ham, but other than that, all the other dishes were Chinese.


One of the guests brought chicken feet in a plastic bag. When I see a chicken leg in supermarkets, their feet are cut off. But on that day, what he brought was chicken feet cut off at the ankle. It had four toes with crooked toenails; I could see goose bumps on their skin. These feet were soaked in sauce until they turned brown, but they seemed to be raw and lively.


The chicken feet turned out to be the most popular dish that day. Everyone recommended that I try them. They genuinely believed that it was the most delicious food on the table. They nibbled the foot first, separated each toe, and then crunched them. All that was left was toenails.


I bit the foot; it was sinewy and there was not much to eat. I couldn’t help but imagine that this foot had roamed around the earth until several days before. I put down the remaining foot silently, hoping that nobody pointed out I left the most delicious part.


I didn’t enjoy the foot very much, but it was an interesting experience. They don’t serve chicken feet at Panda Express; this is real Chinese.


I also tried sliced pig ear that night. It was mostly cartilage. The texture was unique, and the Chinese sauce was tasty.


I have to emphasize that there were also fried rice, sautéed vegetables, and bean sprout tofu salad. All of them were good, and I enjoyed these home-cooked dishes.


The chicken feet were definitely the worst Thanksgiving dish I had ever had, but also, it became the most memorable Thanksgiving dinner. For that, I was thankful for the chicken feet and the unique experience I had that night.


ライティングトピック:642 Things To Write About


642 Things to Write About








  1. You are a pirate. Describe your perfect day.
  2. Fix the plot of the worst movie you’ve ever seen.
  3. Write a love letter to a person you dislike.
  4. Pen an ode to an onion.











642 Things To Write About


I bought a book full of writing ideas: 642 Things To Write About. This book was published by the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto.


There are hundreds of interesting things to write about. I’ll pick out some examples:

  1. You are a pirate. Describe your perfect day.
  2. Fix the plot of the worst movie you’ve ever seen.
  3. Write a love letter to a person you dislike.
  4. Pen an ode to an onion.


It would be interesting to pick out one of these randomly. I hope this book helps to get my creative juices flowing!



【オーディオブック】Assassin’s Creed the Renaissance 1 

Assassin’s Creed the Renaissance 1 (2010) / アサシン クリード 預言




評価:2 out of 5

Assassin's Creed


















Assassin’s Creed the Renaissance Codex Book 1

アサシン クリード 預言 (ヴィレッジブックス)








まず性別は、Male, Female, Customの3つから選べるようになっており、Customを選ぶと下に書き込むスペースが現れます。 とりあえず、Female の“f”と打ち込んだところ、プルダウンメニューに様々なサジェスチョンが出てきました。




Female to Male (FTM)やTrans Femaleぐらいなら知っていましたが、Cis Femaleは聞いたことがありませんでした。Cis Femaleというのは、“ノーマル”の気を遣った表現のようで、「女性として生まれて自分は女性だと認識している」という状態です。たんにFemaleを選ばずに、Cis Femaleと選ぶのは、自分がジェンダー問題に関して関心がある/センシティブであるという事の表明でしょうか。それにしてもシスとトランスなんて、有機化合物みたいですね。


Gender Fluidというのも気になりました。性別に流動性があったとは。

gender fluid











ただ、たかだか職場の通勤アンケートで、カミングアウトを迫られるような質問があるのもどうよ!?とも思ってしまいました。答えたくなければ“Decline to state”を選べば良いのですが、“Other”があることで隠している事への後ろめたさを感じてしまうのではないかとも思ったり。


The New York Timesの記事によると、Human Rights Campaignに参加した1万人以上のトランスジェンダーのティーンのうち、高校生で64%、中学生で54%がカミングアウトしているそうです。若い人ほど早くからカミングアウトする傾向にあるようですね。



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