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英作文 先週のニュースから。

今週は英作文に書くネタがなかったので、心に残ったニュースを英文にしてみました。寝たきり患者さん6人の肋骨を折った看護師と、数年前に死んだ子供の遺体をリュックにいれて持ち運んでいた男性のニュース。じりさ先生は、この人達のことを”messed up people” と表現していました。


1. A diabolical nurse broke patients’ rib bones.

A 26-year-old nurse was arrested for a series of assaults on patients. She allegedly pressed her hands on six bedridden patients’ chests and broke their rib bones. While the cause of the fractures was investigated, she continued to work without showing any remorse. Because she was the first person to discover the fractures, the police suspected her as the offender.

She confessed that the motive behind the abuse was the stressful environment at the workplace. She carefully chose old patients with speech problems.

Although all the patients died of unrelated illness, what she had done to the defenseless patients should be punished severely.

2. A trespasser carried his 5-year-old dead son in his backpack.

Police arrested a 34-year-old man of unlawful entry to a Tokyo university dormitory. The man refused to show his backpack,which stank badly, to the dorm supervisor.

According to the trespasser, the fluid mud in it was his deceased baby boy. His ex-girlfriend says she gave birth to a boy who died soon after birth several years ago. She kept his body for a while, but handed it over to her boyfriend.

He has been carrying it since then. A forensic analysis is going to be held for the content.




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