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この手の本を読んで誰かに何が必要かを教えてもらうより、自伝を読んで自ら必要なものを読み取るほうがよいと思うようになりました。英語のAudiobookで、ウォルト・ディズニー、オバマ大統領、サラ・ペイリン、ヒラリー・クリントン、ティナ・フェイなどの自伝を聞いて感じたのは、何かを成し遂げた人は自分を信じて前向きに考えているということ。自分の問題点は”low self-esteem” 、自己評価が低いことではないかと、自伝を読みながら気づきました。他人の人生をたどりながら、自分と比較することで問題点を洗い出してくれるところが自伝の良いところです。読む人によって受け取り方が違うのも面白い。もしかしたら同じ本を読んでも、人それぞれにまったく違う感想を持つのではないかと思います。

I once believed that by reading self-help books, I would be fully motivated and become successful. After peppering me with motivational words for several months, I realized that mere words got me nowhere. Besides, too many encouraging words made me tolerant to those stimulus books.

Reading autobiographies offers me an opportunity to follow authors’ footsteps, allows me to put myself in someone else’s shoes. They don’t tell us what to do directly, but the fact that we learn something useful from their words makes our reading experience more precious than reading how-to books.

It was sometime after reading several autobiographies that I realized that low self-esteem was my biggest problem. I covered a wide variety of people such as Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Tina Fey, Walt disney, Barack Obama, and John Barrowman, all of whom seemed full of confidence. I am not certain as to whether their confidence led them to success or they seem confident because they are successful. By following their positive thinking, I realized I should stop thinking I could have done better. My parents kept telling me I could be better to encourage hard work, but must have forgotten to instill a strong self-worth in me. I always feel incomplete, believing I should do more to improve the result, and never satisfied.

Now , as an adult, I must stop blaming others, and try to fix this problem. This will be the last time that I think I can be better. I will change my attitude, embrace the changes I’ve made, and accept what I am now.






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