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The Night Stalker (2016)



評価:4 out of 5

The Night Stalker








The Night Stalker


A GP was found dead in his bedroom. His hands were tied to his back, and a plastic bag was tied over his head. A few days later, an investigative journalist was killed in exactly the same manner. These two cases had no forced entry; the killer stalked victims, and waited in their rooms until s/he found the right moment to strike.


Detective Chief Inspector Erika Foster was called in to lead these cases. Despite the fact that all evidence pointed to a female assailant, her rival team arrested one of her team members, Forensic Pathologist Isaac Strong. Erika had to investigate on her own to prove Isaac’s innocence.



Spoiler Alert:


“The Night Stalker” is the second installment of Detective Erika Foster series. After I read “The Girl in the Ice”, I had mixed feelings about the book. I didn’t like the grumpy tone of the book, however, I like the female protagonist who followed her instincts despite all the obstacles. In this second book of the series, Erika developed into a solid character. Nearing two years after her husband’s tragic death, she finally started to move on with her life. She made friends with Isaac, a forensic pathologist in her team, but he was arrested for the murder of his boyfriend and two serial murder cases.


Erika was the only person who was on the right track. Evidence showed that the killer was a female; however, her boss and rival detective insisted that female serial killers were rare. Erika and the assailant felt it was an insult that women were not capable of committing serial murders. Again, she was right, making her boss and rival members out to be fools. Although she was right, her superior promoted her rival to punish her for insubordination.


Portraying oppressed female figures must be one of the key features in this series, but I would like to see Erika earn respect and promotion by being superior at her job in the future series.



The Night Stalker: A chilling serial killer thriller (Detective Erika Foster Book 2)











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