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【オーディオブック】Orphan X (2016) オーファンX 反逆の暗殺者

Orphan X (2016)  オーファンX 反逆の暗殺者



評価:3 out of 5

Orphan X






ブラッドリー・クーパー主演で映画化の話が出ていると聞いて手に取ってみました。好みではなかった・・・。アメリカで孤児を集めて秘密政府組織の暗殺者に仕立て上げるという設定は面白いのだけど、大人になって組織から離脱したエヴァンことOrphan Xの環境が恵まれすぎていてキャラクターに魅力を感じないのです。潤沢すぎる資金力とクライアントとなる謎の美女、ロマンスに発展しそうなシングルマザーのご近所さん・・・。主人公にとってイージーモードすぎるのではないかと。映画になったら、主人公がサクサクと活躍する様子が気持ち良いのかもしれません。映画作品に期待。

Orphan X


The Nowhere Man is a legend: if someone who is innocent and deserves to be saved is desperately in need of protection, he is reached via a secret number handed by a former client.


The Nowhere Man had a secret past. Evan Smoak was chosen from an orphanage and raised to be an off-the-books assassin, Orphan X. Within the Orphan program, Evan was the best agent along with “Orphan O” whom he never met. When his handler and father figure Jack was eliminated, Evan disappeared without a trace, and began to take “pro bono” cases to save lives.


My thoughts: Spoiler Alert!

This mystery book was high on the Audible bestseller list, but it was another disappointment for me. The premise was promising: a former covert government assassin roaming free to save people. But the characters he helped and how he helped them was of mediocre interest. The heroine was a gambling addict who was deeply in debt. Her father was held as a hostage, and she turned to The Nowhere Man for help. Her “I-had-no-choice” attitude disgusted me. I couldn’t help but think that she had it coming….


The author seemed to focus on actions. If I loved reading details of international martial arts and weaponry, I would have enjoyed this book. I heard that this book was going to be made into a movie. This might be a case when the movie is better than the original book.


YL: 7くらい

語数:114,080語 (readinglength.comより)

オーファンX 反逆の暗殺者








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