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A year has passed since I started to watch US TV dramas. Many English learners try to watch English dramas, but I thought it was time consuming. I didn’t think I could understand them at that time.

One of the LingQ friends recommended me to watch LOST. I was dubious at first because I didn’t think it would improve my English. Still, I decided to start watching LOST as my friend and I seemed to have the same taste in many things.

It worked out well. I watched LOST from season 1 to season 5 in a year without Japanese subtitles. The drama is highly addictive, and I couldn’t resist watching it. It is amazing that I can understand most of the story in English. My effort in reading, LingQing, and listeningto audio books must have come to fruition.

Now, season 6 is to be on the air on February 2nd. It usually takes six months until the Japanese translation version is published. Watching a US drama before the publication of the Japanese version is great incentive to learn English to me. What is more, I have friends with whom I can discuss the latest episode. As my LingQ friends watch season 6 online, we can enjoy talking about it without being a spoiler. If not for them, I would have to hold back from making any comment on the drama for six months. That is unbearable.

Having friends who can share interests is the most fascinating thing in learning English. I can’t wait until the coming of season 6 !

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  1. なぼむし のコメント:




    Hiroyuki Sanadaが出る前に追いつかなきゃ、大変なことになってしまうw

    • yukomillennium のコメント:

      Hiroyuki Sanadaは最初のほうで出るみたいよ?  急げ!

  2. yuka のコメント:

    しかもHiroyuki Sanadaがでるんですか?! きゃ〜っ!

    • yukomillennium のコメント:

      Yukaさんへ。カナダも今週からシーズン6が観られるのですか? Yukaさんにならネタバレにならないってことね。