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International Conference

After I did a presentation in an international congress last year, I regretted that I should have spent more time to prepare for the best performance. Since it was my first experience to do an English presentation, I nearly cracked under pressure and worked on the project half heartedly.

This summer, I have a chance to make up for the regret. My presentation was accepted by another international congress that will be held in Europe this summer. In addition, my presentation was chosen as one of the four highest scores among all submitted abstracts in the field, and my participation fee (approximately 65,000 yen ) was waived.

I also received kind of a warning from the congress saying the session forms an important element in the congress, and it will attract a large audience. So, I should prepare with special care. I was so scared!

In the previous congress, I was one of many. This time, there will be four applicants and a key note presenter from our field. The problem is that my experiments are not good at all! I don’t know why I was chosen. The image of people disappointed by my presentationmakes me worried sick! I felt nauseated all day instead of elated by the news. I spent the whole afternoon worrying, but then I remembered how I felt after the previous presentation. I have to stop worrying and work hard to make this experience fabulous.

I believe these challenges help me to become a better person.




今年もチャンスをいただけたので、今度こそはポジティブな態度で臨みたい! 去年 Tina SeeligさんのWhat I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 を読んで、著者の講演動画も見たのだけど、また不安な気持ちに陥ったので再度Stanford e cornerで動画を見て大事なポイントを書きだしてみた。

  • Any Problem is an opportunity. The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.
  • You need to be able to make your own luck. You need to be open-minded, and optimistic.
  • You need to know how to fail, fast and frequently.
  • Don’t wait to be anointed.We wait for people to give us our assignments.
  • Never miss an opportunity to be fabulous. Every single day you are faced with challenges, and everyday you have to find an opportunity to be fabulous in a way that you solve problems, in the way that you deal with everything that comes your way.




Tina Seeligさんの e cornerはNHKでスタンフォード白熱教室 としてシリーズで取り上げられるようです。起業を志す学生に対して起業家がレクチャーをする形式。起業を志していない人でも参考になることがたくさんあるのでpodcastを聞いています。日本語でビジネス書を読むよりは、e cornerでCEOのレクチャーを聞いたほうが英語学習とビジネス書を同時に読んだかのような一石二鳥効果が得られていいと思います。




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