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I have been wearing glasses and contact lenses for seventeen years. I could not live without these lenses. I usually wear glasses at home. Every morning, my first task is to find my glasses. I prefer contact lenses to glasses, but these lenses are expensive. The cost is one of the drawbacks.

LASIK is an eye surgery to cure short-sightedness by using a laser. A laser beam burns the cornea to adjust the eyesight. At first I thought there was no such thing as a way to improve my eyesight in five minutes. After much consideration, I decided to have the surgery, because what bothers me most are the dry-eye symptoms caused by contactlenses.

LASIK eye surgery was the most terrifying experience of my life.
My eyes were opened wide by the machine. I was ordered to stare at the red light. The doctor said, “Never move your eyes during the operation.” I was afraid because if I moved my eyes, he would fail.

When the surface of the eye was sliced, I couldn’t see anything. Gradually, I could see the dim red light in front of me. During the procedure, something smelled like hair burning. I thought my cornea was burnt by the laser. I felt no pain, but I was scared.
After the flap was restored, I could see clearly and vividly!

Now I can live without glasses. However, I still look for my glasses every morning. I can’t break that habit.

LASIK surgery is a safe operation to cure short-sightedness. The problem is its cost. It costs 300,000 yen, because short-sightedness is not regarded as a disease. We can’t use health insurance. With the spread of LASIK surgery, I hope short-sightedness will drastically decrease.

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