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The Girl with All the Gifts (2014)




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ゾンビアポカリプスより20年後のイギリス。ゾンビというと、Grrrrと唸って人に噛み付く姿が思い起こされますが、その中に知性と理性を残した子供のゾンビ達が発見されます。メラニー達は、ゾンビ化を引き起こすカビ菌に対して部分的な免疫を持った”high functioning”なゾンビであり、軍の施設ではこのような子供ゾンビ達を集め、彼らを研究していたのでした。




作者のM.R.Careyはコンスタンティンの原作者であり、現在のX-MenとUltimate Fantastic Fourのライターでもあるようです。コンスタンティンの設定とは全く違うものの、この作者が作り出す独特の世界観が好きです。


YL:8 (概算)



The Girl with All the Gifts


Book Review: The Girl with All the Gifts



Melanie is escorted to class every morning. Sergeant Parks holds his gun pointed at her while two of his agents strap her into the wheelchair. They gag her, although she has no intention of biting them. When she jokes that she won’t bite, they don’t laugh. In all her life, she has never been touched by anyone. All she remembers in her ten short years is that she has been locked up in a cell along with other children. They go to school in wheelchairs with their limbs strapped, they are fed worms once a week, and they take antiseptic showers on Sundays. They have no knowledge of the outside world. After a dissident group attacked the facility, Melanie came to know what happened to the world twenty years ago.


My thoughts: Spoiler Alert!!!


This is a Sci-Fi novel by M.R. Carey which depicts a dystopian future. As the book title shows, Melanie is a girl with many gifts: she is smart, thoughtful, and kind, except for the fact that she is a zombie. Most of humanity was wiped out by a fungus infection that caused the zombie apocalypse twenty years ago. The British government set up a military base outside of London, and scientists have been conducting research to save humankind.


Most of the zombies act on instinct; they crave human flesh; typical behavior as we see in zombie movies. But some years later, a new species emerged; some of the children can think and talk, even after they are turned into zombies. These children are called, “high-functioning zombies.” Scientists believe that these children have a partial immunity to the deadly fungus, and that they are the key to finding a cure for the zombie infection.


Melanie loves her teacher, Miss Justineau, even though she is a developmental psychologist who is observing the children in her class. Miss Justineau reports to a scientist, Caroline Caldwell, who vivisects high-functioning zombie children for research. Dr. Caldwell’s behavior made me think about the balance between science and ethics. These children are already technically dead, but they can think and feel like ordinary children. They behave like zombies when they smell humans, but they can contain their hunger if necessary. They don’t know that they are already dead; they are pure and innocent. Dr. Caldwell and Sergeant Parks think these children are monsters, and they don’t hesitate to cut them open for the greater good. People can be very cruel when they don’t regard these children as the same species. I felt sympathy for these children, because I believe that they are not monsters; they are sick children to be saved.


I’m not fond of zombie apocalyptic stories, but this book was special in good ways. I liked how Melanie and Miss Justineau developed mutual trust. I’m glad that I didn’t dismiss this book because it is all about zombies. This book is a great addition to the zombie literature, and I hope a lot of people read this book without prejudice against the genre.



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