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7月に4つ、8月に2つプレゼンがあり、そのうち2つが英語発表! すでに7月2日に1つ日本語での発表、今日英語発表が一つ終りました。土曜日にあったぶんは英語日記に書いたように、あまりうまくいきませんでした。練習した時間を返せー!!!と言いたいが、終わったものはしょうがありません。前へ進まねば。


今日の英語発表のために先週はずっと”嫌だー、嫌だー!”と一時間に100回は同僚に文句を言ってネガティブな空気をまき散らしていましたが、終わってみるといろんな意味で素晴らしい経験をしました。今日のネガティブ英語日記と一緒にするのは嫌なので、明日別記事にしようと思います。感動しすぎて紙の日記8ページ書いてしまいました。それほどinspiring な出来事でした!

I gave a presentation at an annual meeting of our department on Saturday. My original presentation was 10 minutes long, but this time, I was supposed to have a 6-minute presentation. I pruned a considerable amount of information to keep within the time limit. Then, I practiced reading it out loud with a kitchen timer many times. As my presentation still had too much information for 6 minutes, I had to read it very fast. I had to admit that my presentation might give a hasty and inadequate impression.


When I attended the meeting, I realized that other presenters took as much time as they wanted, and they didn’t stay within the time limit at all! Some of them spoke as long as 15 minutes. As a result, my presentation seemed to have too much information in too short time.


The meeting had to go over 1 hour because of the time delay. It was a prize competition, and the person who spoke 15 minutes for 6-minute presentation got the first prize and 500 dollars! I don’t want to say if I had had 15 minutes, I could have won the prize, but I can’t help but think it isn’t fair!



EBaby 2011/07/04


yuko 2011/07/05




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