Going on a diet

I gained 13 pounds after I came to the U.S……I am five feet two inches tall and weigh 〇〇 pounds. I’m fat by Japanese standards, and I have to lose weight before I go back to Japan.


My friend T also gained 20 pounds in the 7 years since she moved to America, so she started a one-meal-a-day diet last year. She lost 22 pounds in 5 months, and the results were staggering. I met her at the end of September, and she looked like a completely different person. She looked good, and she felt great and energetic by scraping off excessive fat.


I started to eat one meal a day, and lost 6.5 pounds in one month. But then, I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I had to eat two meals a day because I needed more energy to exercise. Then, the weight loss stopped. No matter how hard I exercised, I couldn’t lose even 100 grams.


To make matters worse, I’m a petit woman by BJJ standard. Everybody weighs more than me, and I wear children’s size gi, a size in BJJ uniforms. It is reassuring that I am thinner than everybody else, but I have to mention that some of them look like Russian mobs in movies.


When I explain that I am on a diet, American people say I am not even curvy. Curvy! What a positive word!! I like that, but according to Urban dictionary, curvy is a word to euphemize fat or chubby. Yes, chubby is the right word to express my current body type, and I can’t accept that.


I feel normal in the U.S. where one third of the population is overweight. Only 3.5% of the Japanese population is obese, and the social pressure to lose weight is strong. I started to think how to excuse myself: this isn’t fat, I gained weight by acquiring knowledge, experience and courage in the U.S.! Will this gimmick work?


I feel like a loser already…













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