Spoken Word Poetry

詩は全然好きじゃなかったんだけど、TEDでのSarah KayのSpoken Word Poetryには感動しました。

”もし娘がいたら、ママと呼ぶかわりに私のことはポイントBと呼ばせるつもり” と始まった時には エェ!と驚きましたが、詩を読んでいるふうもなく、話し言葉で語られる感じ。情熱的な雰囲気がいいです。伝えたいことがあって、打ち込める対象があるって素晴らしいことだなぁと思いました。




I wasn’t interested in poetry at all. For me, it seemed overly emotional, sometimes defiant, and embarrassing. Last weekend, I leisurely went through TED programs on the internet. I chose one presentation at random and started watching it without knowing its content. It was Spoken Word Poetry. A young woman chanted her wishes to her future daughter on the stage. It wasn’t like any other I had ever seen, it didn’t look like recitation or reading a poem at all. I didn’t realize that it was a poem until she stopped and started talking casually. Her name was Sarah Kay. She has performed Spoken Word poetry since she was 14. Now, she travels all over the world to teach Spoken Word poetry along with performing it.

Creating poetry and performing it in front of an audience feels like shouting my innermost secrets to the public. I can’t imagine doing it myself, but her message moved me profoundly. She said most people protect themselves from being hurt, but she would spread her arms and was willing to accept all the unexpected miseries and hurt in order to catch beauties and amazing things falling from the sky. That must be why she could bare her soul in her poem.

I had a prejudice against poetry, but I have to change my attitude. By lifting the self-inflicting limitations, I will find many unexpected beauties as Sarah assured.

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    恥ずかしながらPerforming poetなるものを初めてしりました。
    私の中の『詩』のイメージは静的で抽象的なものでしたが、express yourself and the courage to present those stories and opinions…と語っていたように自分を表現する手段なんですね。最後にSarahさんがPerformanceしたPoetryは動的で力強いメッセージが伝わってきました。


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      +Cheer+ さんへ。私も今回初めて知りました。TEDも選り好みしてたんだけど、3月から新しくUPされたのをランダムに見るようにしたら、今までしらなかった素晴らしい分野をいろいろ知ることができてとても新鮮です。