金曜夜に楽天、LinQでおつきあいさせて頂いているなぼむしさんやPotato Momさん、Emikoさんと英検対策についてのディスカッションがありました。なぼむしさんが英検対策ノートを公表してくださったうえ、実際役に立ったwebsiteも教えてもらってとても為になりました。

インターネットの情報が溢れるなか、みなさん本当にあちこち探索されてますよね。英語学習者さんたちのブログにはお世話になりっぱなしです。インターネットツール、オンライン辞書やオンライン英会話など、自分でネットサーフィンするより遥かに効率的にいいものに出会える気がします。いつも情報をもらいっぱなしで申し訳ないڤ そのうち自分でもいい情報を発信できるようになりたいな。

I enjoyed the Eiken discussion yesterday. As Naomi passed the grade one test last year, I could learn from her how to get information and organize them it for the test. I was impressed by her notebooks. Her handwriting was neat and the articles were well-organized. I’m sloppy about doing things. I have to learn from her.

I started reading “The Economist” magazine to prepare for the writing section. I was not interested in economy and politics so far beforebuthave felt an urge to study them these days.
Most of the news and articles on the internet are free. However, I pay for the magazine because I can take it wherever I go. It gives me not only the facts, but useful perspective on the various issues. I respect that and want to pay for it. I hope I can understand the world issues better than now and have considerable insight by reading this magazine.

The blogs of English learners are useful, too. I used to spend hours on the internet browsing through websites, but I realized that it was time consuming. I check the LinQ members blogs regularly these days and get useful information from them. I enjoy the reports on various study methods, observe observing how it works they work. I try the methods if it works for a lot of people. This is how I came to know LinQ, Audible, and Pod casts. Thanks to the internet, I can get the most effective tools and methods to prepare for the test.
Preparing for the test is arduous work, but I will never come to think of learning political issues in English. This is my biggest chance to improve my quality of life inby leaps and bounds.

I’m a recipient of information now, but someday I’d like to be the one who can put out the useful information for the world.

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    どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。(2008.09.21 15:57:23)

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    Potato Momさん今朝はどうもありがとうございました。毎回とても楽しみにしています。
     あと1ヶ月を切りましたね!励ましあって頑張りましょうね!(2008.09.21 21:29:27)