Finders Keepers

9月号のCNN EE Magazineで、日本の遺失物センターについての記事がありました。あまりにも届けられた落し物が多いので保管期間が6ヶ月から3ヶ月になってしまったとか。最初は日本人の”うっかり”ぶりをレポートするのかな・・・と思っていたら、日本人の正直さを称える内容でした。以外だわ~。忘れ物を届けるシステムって世界中どこも同じと思ってました。”Finders Keepers”は”拾ったものは自分のもの”という諺らしいです。拾ってそのまま自分のものにするのは後味が悪くてイヤ。

I read an interesting article in CNN English magazine. The title is “Finders keepers”. It’s about the lost-and-found centers in Tokyo.

Lost-and-found centers can be found all over Japan continuing a 1300-year-old system. When people find a misplaced item in Japan, we naturally turn them in to thepolice station. There were 2,310,000 lost properties items in the Tokyo lost-and-found center in 2007. The items are include 340,000 umbrellas, 310,000 clothesarticles of clothing, 210,000 wallets, 100,000 cellphones and so on. The cash amounted to $ 28,500,000 dollars. The police taggs and itemizes these items. They used to keep them for 6 months, but they have shortened the time for to 3 months because there are too many of them.

I thought this article implied the carelessness of Japanese people at first. I was surprised when I realized that the reporter praised Japanese peoples’ honesty. The reporter interviewed some New Yorkers, they who said it’s unfathomable to track lost items in such a giant city. I thought that returning what’s not ours is a common philosophy all over the world. I think it is interesting to know the saying “Finders keepers”. This saying doesn’t apply in Japan.

I’m proud to know that Japanese society holds such a good policy. However, I felt sorry that only 1,300 umbrellas were brought back to it’s their owners. Not so many of us come to retrieve our lost items in this times of material abundance. We have to cherish what we have now.

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